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Qatar’s pharmaceutical market saw a 12 % growth in 2015
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Welcome to Encircle Pharma

Welcome to Encircle Pharma. We are a medical and pharmaceutical distributor, located and established in Doha, Qatar.

About Us

We are a medical and pharmaceutical distributor, located and established in Doha, Qatar.
Our main mission is to establish a stable ground for companies who would want to invest and strive in Qatar‘s pharmaceutical industry. We strive to achieve this by providing a range of top products, excellent client service, fast product distribution and advanced ordering systems.

Our Mission

As a leading medical and pharmaceutical distributor, it is our mission to deliver innovative pharmaceutical products to the Qatari population, so that they can maintain and sustain a healthy lifestyle. We also work hard to be a dependable distributor in the Qatari pharmaceutical and medical fields. By delivering trusted results to patients and knowledge to physicians through compliance marketing, we put the medical community and customers at the forefront.

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Encircle Pharma’s Values

We strive to be Qatar’s leading medical and pharmaceutical distributor by focusing on our key values: They include: –

  • Leadership through Respect
  • Integrity with Responsibility
  • Retention through Listening
  • Honesty in Communication
  • Team Effort and Support
  • Our Collaboration


Our Compentencies

Our scope of work spans across a number of competencies that you can be tailored to your specific pharmaceutical and medical needs:

  • Pharmaceutical:

    • Cardiology
    • Neurology
    • Hepatology
    • Dermatology
    • Gynecology
  • Medical Devices:

    • Hospital & Clinics medical equipment and devices
    • Blood pressure monitor
    • Clinical thermometers
    • Aesthetics
  • Cosmetics and Food Supplements:

    • OTC Products
    • Vitamins and Minerals
    • Hemopathy
    • Plant Medicine
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